Taking Care of Anger

At a recent meeting of our Mindfulness In Healing sangha (meditation group) we discussed the Mindfulness Training #6, Taking Care of Anger. This training reads, Aware that anger blocks communication and creates suffering, we are committed to taking care of the energy of anger when it arises, recognizing and transforming the seeds of anger that […]

The Wisdom of Self-Compassion

The wisdom of self-compassion is one of the most vibrant teachings of our times. We may find it quite easy to be compassionate with other people when they hurt themselves or feel sad or lonely. When it comes to compassion in own life, we often fail to grasp the concept and fail to believe the […]

Mindful Reframing

The art of mindful reframing is an important aspect of mindfulness practice. It allows us to embrace our suffering by looking deeply into the causes and conditions of our situation. We examine our suffering in the light of our loving connected presence or self-kindness, interbeing, and mindfulness. These are the elements of self-compassion as taught […]

Falling Flat on Our Face

In these words of wisdom from Kristin Neff, we learn that falling flat on our face may not be a bad thing. She says that this is how we learn. Thomas Edison is famous for inventing the light bulb, but did you know that he had 10,000 failures? He said, “I have not failed. I’ve […]

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

A new trend in kindness is beginning to happen at some of the strangest places in the United States and the European Union. Random people are showing how a little kindness goes a long way. They are paying for peoples’ groceries at the checkout counter. The Dalai Lama once said, “When we feel love and […]

A Center of Love and Kindness

Here is a marvelous quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn. He teaches us to establish ourselves as a center of love and kindness. I believe that it was Kristin Neff who found that people looking for mates are more concerned about finding someone who is kind than any other quality, and this is the most important quality […]

Compassion is Essential for Human Survival

Here are some words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama. He teaches us that compassion is essential for human survival. How are we going to help humanity survive through the practice of compassion? We begin with compassion for ourselves. One of the best resources I know for developing self compassion is the ongoing work of […]

How to Train Compassion

This video, Raising Compassion, brings together a diverse group of neuroscientists, mental health professionals, and Buddhist monks in a remarkable exchange between science, art, and contemplative practice. In a series of informal conversations about compassion, initiated by neuroscientist Tania Singer and artist Olafur Eliasson, the protagonists discuss the public perception of compassion, talk about compassion-training […]

The Mistress Of Self-Compassion

Dr. Kristen Neff is the master of self-compassion. She even wrote the book about it: Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind. I first heard about Kristin Neff on the Sounds True production of The Compassionate Brain hosted by Dr. Rick Hanson. She has been called the mistress of self-compassion! When talking about self-compassion on […]

The Master Of Self Compassion

The master of self compassion is Dr. Kristin Neff. She is an innovator in the field of research in self compassion. Dr. Neff is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Culture in the Educational Psychology Department of the University of Texas at Austin. Kristin is also one of the contributors to the Sounds True series […]