9 Ways To Stop Worrying

Now that the holidays are over and many people are back to their normal lives, it may be difficult to keep the spirit of the holidays high. Negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, depression, stress, and anger may begin to emerge once more. Even worse, the holidays may have brought little or no relief from […]


Ahimsa – non-violence, is a common thread in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Christianity and Judaism, we find the commandment, “Thou shall not kill!” We all know about all the religious wars that were fought in the name of God and the violent acts of killing that took place. Ahimsa is a comprehensive principle. We are […]

Embrace Your Anger

For several months now, I have been encouraging you to learn how to embrace your anger. What does it mean to “embrace your anger?” When anger arises, you almost always have the urge to launch out at what you conceive to be the cause of your anger. This only creates more suffering. A better plan […]

Get A Second Guided Meditation For Free

Welcome to our Friends! Meditation Practices for Healing and Well-Being Order One Guided Meditation and Get a Second One Free (Only $9.97 each) Here are the steps to get your second guided meditation for free: Chose a guided meditation from the list below. Click on the Buy Now button for the chosen guided meditation. Pay […]

We Need To Root Out Seeds Of Anger

I just received these Words of Wisdom from Lama Surya Das about the Boston bombing that took place on yesterday during the Boston Marathon. In this statement, Lama Surya Das says that we need to root out seeds of anger, hatred, fear, and greed. Today is a day of tears and prayers here in Boston, […]

Guided Meditation For Ending Stress And Anger

This video comes to us courtesy of Richard Nongard of Subliminal Science. Watching the water move brings a sense of peace. Allow your stress and anger flow out with the waterfall. Notice the sense of relaxation that comes about after watching the waterfall for several minutes. Scan your body and feel your hands and feet […]

Mindfulness of Anger

I have admired the wonderful writings of Andrew Olendzki, Ph.D. for the many years I have been reading Insight Journal, a publication of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, Massachusetts where he is the editor. This article demonstrates the importance of mindfulness of anger in the face of confrontation. When serious anger is […]