Gratitude is the Secret Sauce

Last May, we learned that gratitude is the secret sauce that puts you immune system back in order according to Dr. Sara Gottfried. You can read more about it in the article, Hormone Tip from Sara Gottfried. “Every night for the next week, set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three […]

Can We Recover from Our Sugar Addiction

Two women walk into a bar and discover extremely dangerous white stuff…. Sounds like a joke, but it’s actually a powerful pattern interrupt for you and your health. Sugar is the dangerous white stuff that has probably hijacked your health, blood sugar, waistline, and taste buds. Can we recover from our sugar addiction? I know […]

How to Create a Delicious Partnership with Food

I want you to sign up for this fantastic series on how to create a delicious partnership with food. It  begins today and is absolutely free. Alexandra Jaye Johnson, the Chief Goddess & Co-Founder of en*theos, interviews extraordinary experts in the areas of health, spirituality, purpose, creativity, sensuality, self-care, motherhood, beauty, relationships and confidence. One […]

7 Power Habits to Double Your Detox and Weight Loss

Power Habits to Double Your Detox and Weight Loss with Dr. Sara Gottfried MD and JJ Virgin Feeling fat and sluggish? Hormones out of whack? If you’ve tried everything to look and feel your best, with little-to-no success, it is most likely NOT your fault. You may be following the wrong set of rules. And […]

Start a Revolution with Your Grocery Cart

A few days ago, I received this email from Dr. Sara Gottfried. She is a board certified gynecologist who trained at Harvard University. She is the best selling author of The Hormone Cure, which has received rave reviews. She is my kind of doctor because she believes in Ayurveda, integrative medicine, and yoga to cultivate […]

Fix Your Hormones Fast

There’s still time to get some FREE hormone-balancing gifts, courtesy of Dr. Sara Gottfried MD! Click this link, and she will send you: your Hormone Toolkit – A brand new 39-page quickstart guide to hormone balance. Includes Dr. Sara’s Top 12 Hormone Tests, How to Fix Your Hormones with a Fork, Hormone Balancing Shake Recipes, […]

Should You Dump Gluten?

Should You Dump Gluten? How Going Gluten Free Can Unlock Weight Loss, Energy & Longevity February 27, 2014 By Sara Gottfried MD. In the article, Dr. Sara Gottfried offers some suggestions why going gluten free can help resolve weight problems, and increase energy, and longevity. I have been on a gluten free diet now since […]

2,500 Complimentary Copies

Did you know that 90% of hormone imbalance may be corrected with simple shifts in how you eat, move, think, and supplement? You may have already heard of my good friend, Harvard-educated doc, and bestselling author, Dr. Sara Gottfried MD (if you haven’t, she is about to change your life). Her book, The Hormone Cure, […]

Foods To Avoid For Physical And Spiritual Well-being

Over the past few weeks, I have learned a lot about foods to avoid for physical and spiritual well-being. Remember, I am not a physician and the advice here should be considered anecdotal, at best. Since the beginning of February, I was told by Michael Broffman at the Pine Street Clinic to avoid avocado, eggplant, […]

3 Tips For Reducing Stress

Dr. Sara Gottfried and I offer 3 tips for reducing stress and this short video. As you must know by now, stress is officially a disease as serious as a heart attack. It can also lead to many other problems such as headache, back pain, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, decreased immunity, stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety, […]