We All Have What It Takes To Thrive

Thrive is a two hour movie that has been reviewed on Best Meditation Videos. The movie demonstrates that we all have what it takes to thrive rather than merely survive. We All Have What It Takes To Thrive httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OibqdwHyZxk This article presents an expansion of three of the themes presented in the movie: interbeing or […]

Guided Meditation For Mindfulness of Breathing

Preparation Having the right environment for meditation practice sessions can help enhance your experience. You are welcome to try different settings until you land on one that you feel especially comfortable in and easily relate to. There is no need to set up a fancy alter or sit on the floor in the lotus position […]

Deep Listening and Loving Speech Are Meditation Practices

Deep listening and loving speech are the foundations of our meditation practices at the Mindfulness in Healing support group that takes place at the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, California every Wednesday night. The group has been meeting now for more than three years. Last night, we had a especially touching gathering. After spending […]

Meditation Practices for Anxiety

One of the major types of complaints we hear about daily are anxiety attacks. Or, at least people are experiencing a lot of anxiety. Meditation practices for anxiety can have a calming influence on our lives. We can regain our composure and learn to drop the anxious feelings. In reality, taking time for ourselves away […]

The World Without Humans

Did you ever catch an episode of Life After People on the History Channel? The ones I saw were quite thought provoking. Alan Weisman has written a book called, “The World Without Us.” In an interview with Tricycle Magazine, he spoke about global warming, population control, and what the world without humans would look like. […]

Interview With One Of My Mentors

This online interview with one of my mentors inspired me to share it with you, my readers. I have decided to withhold the name of my mentor for the time being. This is quite different from all of my other posts, so please have a little patience. Interview With One Of My Mentors The text […]

Manage Stress with Meditation Practices

Being stressed out can cause real problems in your professional life as well as your personal life. Stress can influence you health in harmful ways. Studies at Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions have shown that stress can be related to hair loss, depression and even cardiovascular disease. Researchers are claiming that stress can be […]

CEO Meditators: Oprah and Others

Meditation practices are really going mainstream right now. Just look at what these CEO meditators have to say. They come from different industries and different backgrounds and they all use meditation practices. Many of them practice Transcendental Meditation. The article states: We’ve compiled a list of leaders who say that meditating gives them an edge […]

Get Up Early and Meditate!

Deepak Chopra is on of the most beloved teachers of meditation practices. His advice to people about their meditation practices, even those who get up early and meditate is outstanding. I especially like this question and answer because it applies directly to me an my meditation practices. Get Up Early and Meditate! This is the […]

Meditation Practices for Mindful Eating

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has spoken quite often about the importance of mindful eating. He has, in fact, given us mindfulness practices for mindful eating. For example, in Plum Village or even at retreats in the United States or Canada, every meal is consumed in mindfulness. For the first twenty minutes or more, we […]